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Enengy, renewables and clean tech is our where the Vorthechs starts a-whirling.

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If you're here, it's likely for a reason. It's called the Vortechs because it works it's own magic. Whether you are part of a new or emerging technology team or an individual or firm interested in the market, we're here to help. Our network is dedicated to the growth of sustainable technology with a focus on clean and energy focused technologies. We have a current focus on thermal energy and we've helped a broad range of businesses and industries with early adoption in renewables. We also have experience and relationships in the oil & gas market, with wind solutions, bio remediation services and other cutting edge offerings. We're here to connect you to the resources and individuals that can help you in this rapidly expanding sector- it's what the Vortechs is all about.

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Our first large Thermolysis contract is underway and fabrication is in process.

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