For additional status information please contact us regarding specific projects and/or technologies.

Wind Projects In Progress - 

Size Status Comments
100 MW

Wind studies complete and land leases to be renewed.  Site engineering in progress.

Wind/Solar hybrid, seeking PPA and defining interconnect, financing identified pending PPA and project readiness

87 MW

Construction ready. Pending Interconnect by Purchaser

PPA Secured, IA to be secured by Purchaser, financing identified pending negotiations


Solar PV -  

We are in discussions with several utility scale projects and have funding sources committed once the projects have the required PPAs and other required investor package info obtained.


Water Treatment - 

Current equipment that treats oil/gas process water is currently being tested on site in Colorado to return data under field conditions. 


Representing an electro/biological water treatment system that primarily finishes water with difficult dissolved solids including selenium and other metals.


Misc. Cleantech - 

Discussions with groups that include the following technologies:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Medical device technologies
  • Electric vehicles
  • Biomass equipment that bursts the cell wall and removes water    
  • Medical device technologies
  • Village scale gold mining equipment
  • Power production from waste water treatment
  • Solar thermal equipment
  • Natural gas vehicle conversion and sales
  • Flexible concrete